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Best Attendance


Best Attendance Results

* Spring Term *

5th March  R1, Y3C and Y4U
26th February R1, Y2F and Y6C
12th FebruaryY1R and Y3HL
5th FebruaryY2F and Y3C
29th JanuaryY2F and Y6D
22nd JanuaryY1R and Y4U
15th JanuaryY2F and Y4U
8th JanuaryY2F and Y6C

* Autumn Term *

 11th December Y1R and Y6C 
4th December   Y2F and Y3HL
27th November  R2 and Y6D
  20th November Y1S and Y5T
 13th November Y1R, Y2F, Y2V and Y6D
6th November  Y2V and Y6C
30th October   Y2F and Y5C
16th October  Y1R and Y3HL
9th October  Y1 and Y5T
2nd October  Y2F and Y3C
25th September  Y1S and Y3C
18th September   Y1R, Y5C and Y6D
11th September  Y1R and Y5C


Best Attendance